Available Heists

Ki Strike

The infamous smuggler Ki Kothari has earned himself a $25,000 Imperial bounty. He flies a YT-1300 known as the Red Sapphire

Screw Czerka

There’s an Inner Rim planet whose blockade has been mostly lifted post Yavin4. Czerka Corporation controls all trade on the planet, but an enterprising smuggler could make tidy if they can get undercut the exhorbitant rates in the corporate store.

Kessel Run

An acquaintance of Jonas Talbor is smuggling Glitterstim off of Kessel, and will sell it at a great wholesale price to smugglers willing to brave the Kessel Run.

Arena Deathmatch

Tagta the Hutt has offered the crew a chance to participate in Arena combat. He’s promised that the fights will be evenly matched so that it is tough, but not a death sentence.

Completed Heists

Competition for the Cortesia

Rebel leaders want the crew to hijack and imperial transport laden with foodstuffs and other supplies and deliver the cargo to a rebel-designated planet in sore need of food/supplies.


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