Remedy EotE

Gespo's Revenge

Session 11

The crew of the Remedy arrived at Mon Calamari and dropped off the freed slaves with their Alliance contact. We were also patched through on a secure channel to Manar back in Corellia who congratulated us and offered us a new job, Competition for the Cortesia. Dax tried to talk him up to see if there were any better jobs, but Manar didn’t think they were ready yet. In the meantime, the Barloz and all the acquired gear were sold at 50% because Dax was unable to bargain for a better price, though Dax did make a permanent contact at the shipyard, Zholl Dronos, who offer to do a little of the work for free (he swapped the weapons around at no cost).

With the ship fully repaired, goods unloaded and credits earned, only one piece remained: deal with our captured bounty Mako Besadii. Tagta has control of the ice planet Nar Hekka in the Y’Toub system deep in Hutt space and the bounty specified that he must be delivered there alive. On arrival, they learned Tagta was off-planet and wanted to receive the bounty personally, so they’d have to wait until he returned. Killing time at a cantina Vookyun had heard of, the crew learned many things. First, they heard learned they were being hunted by Mako’s #2, Gespo Kenu, who wanted to prevent them from delivering his boss to Tagta. Second, they heard about a smuggling job [detailed later]. Third, they heard that a friend of a friend had inside contacts with the imperium and was setting up a small business selling glitterstim [detailed later] to smugglers willing to make the Kessel run. Fourth, they learned that the rodian hunters had bought an APC and were planning to use that in their ambush.

However, they didn’t notice the infiltrator drop a tracking device on the Gand or get word of Gespo waiting for them in deep orbit with a handful of Z-95’s and a Jumpmaster scout mercenary. Still, they knew enough for V to jump into action and start sowing lies and discord amongst their pursuers as well as setting up a watch to see if any of the hunters took the bait and pursued his false leads off-planet. He was partially successful, the group split in half, with half going off world and the remainder staying on Nar Hekka. The gand was being closely watched—he had the tracker on him after all—and as far as the hunters could tell, he was the only one connected to the capture…and they weren’t even sure of that anymore. Still, they kept a tail on him.

Finally, they headed toward the palace with Mako in tow (properly re-colored by V to look like a very different Rodian) and the Gand 40 steps behind. They managed to avoid the bulk of their pursuers but the Gand was accosted by a small group of the thugs. He tried to dissuade them, and on failing that, eviscerated all 4 of them before they had a chance to aim their weapons [1 round of combat, hit with both weapons, and had a crit and a triumph or some crazy shit]. Mako was delivered, Tagta praised the crew’s cojones for capturing an Imperial contractor, and invited them to stay the night and watch the arena match the next day. After a failed attempt to negotiate their way out of it, they agreed to stay with Tagta and flew the Remedy to his private dock.

The arena fight was relatively short. V took the opportunity to place some bets, and the force was with him. He won an extra 600 credits as Mako won the first round, slaughtering a few poorly armed slaves, but lost the second round as a swarm of gundarks overwhelmed him and dismembered him. Tagta laughed gleefully and offered the crew the chance to fight in the arena themselves someday if they wanted to make some easy money. Since they would be free combatants rather than slaves or bounties, the fights would be scaled to match their capabilities rather than being a death sentence. Dax thanked him for the offer and the crew went on their way. Mesin hopped in her Jumpmaster, borrowing R4 to help her read those blinky dots better, and the rest of the crew took off in the YT. As they were discussing over comms which mission they should pursue next, Mesin radio’ed in that she was picking up more of those blinking dots (R4 elaborated that they were a Firespray, 4 Z-95’s and a Jumpmaster) and the crew manned battle stations. The Jumpmaster broke away immediately [she was just hired by Mako to make sure the crew didn’t slip past him] and bugged out while the remaining ships closed and tried to fire their concusion missiles. They all missed, and before they had a chance to switch to lasers, Mesin had disabled the firespray while Jai and Gand had wiped out the Z-95’s.

As the firespray drifted and the crew discussed what to do with it, the comms crackled to life and a crazy rodian wielding two heavy blasters started screaming at them and challenging them to come fight him face to face. The crew assented and docked with the firespray. Gespo was nowhere near the combatant his boss had been and many of the best troops had gone down with Mako, so this was a short fight. Gespo never even got to land a shot, and his vibrosword wielding thug only managed to land one good blow on Jai-saani before he was downed.

They looted the corpses, recovering standard weapons as well as the very nice sword that the thug was wielding. And with some effort, Jasper and R4 were able to get the Firespray up and running again. It needs repairs and it has weapons that can be salvaged and the crew has an unusually long list of jobs they could pursue.

So, where to next?


zaching zaching

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